If you have numbness in your hands or if you have carpal tunnel syndrome then you should avoid bending your wrists too much. Avoid repetitive hand movements like using keyboard. Also, losing weight will help a lot. Avoid cold water. Using soft and small pillow may also help numbness in your hands. Avoid alcohol. Avoid excessive physical activity. While sleeping your arms should be at your sides and they should not be above or under your head. Avoid folding your arms under your pillow as well, it can cause pressure on blood vessels and nerves. Numbness in hands can also be helped by using wrist splints, please ask your doctor about that.

If you have numbness in your feet, observe proper feet hygiene. Avoid wearing tight shoes or stockings. Avoid excessive walking. If you have to sit for a long period of time, then it is advisable to put some sort of support under your feet so that they should not keep on hanging. You should avoid crossing your legs for too long, sitting on the feet, kneeling for long periods. Massage can also help. Diabetics usually have numbness in the feet and they need to discuss this with their diabetologist.