Patients who are bed ridden should have air mattress put over regular mattress. Air mattress should be turned on all the time while patient is on bed. Patient should be educated to change sides after every 30 minutes. If patient is unable to do so, family should help changing sides of patient. This will minimize the chances of developing bed sores. Back and hips of patient should be inspected regularly to see any signs of bed sores. If any redness of skin or skin break is noted, treating doctor should be informed at earliest. Head end of bed should be kept slightly higher than foot end. Bed sheets should be changed daily. Patient should be discouraged from lying in bed all times. They should only be on bed at night time or may be for couple of hours after lunch. Patients who have severe weakness and cannot stand unaided should be put in wheel chair or sofa or any other chair during day time. Legs should not hang down for prolonged period of time. For example, if patient has to sit for long time, another chair or table etc. should be kept under the legs of patient and legs should be extended at knees.