Wilson’s Disease

Wilson’s disease has multiple presentations. When it involves brain it can present itself as speaking and eating difficulty, as twisting and turning or shaking of arms and legs, tremors, walking difficulty and falls.


It is due to accumulation of copper in brain, liver, bones and other organs.

Medications and recovery:

The treatment is usually lifelong. It is better to start treatment as soon as possible to have better outcome. Patient needs to take treatment regularly. Once the disease advances, the recovery may not be complete.


Patient should eat diet that is copper deficient. Patient should avoid foods like chocolate, nuts, organ meat- such as liver, kidney and brain; shellfish mushrooms and chocolate milk. Make sure that the food is cooked in utensils that do not contain copper. Multivitamins that contain copper and alcohol should also be avoided.


If the patient has contractures of the limbs then physiotherapy is must . Also the patients who are bedridden or wheel chair ridden, need aggressive and regular physiotherapy. Physiotherapy is the key to mobility.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can patient suffering from Wilson’s disease marry and have children?

Yes but they can pass this disease to their children and they need to discuss this with their treating doctor.

Is Wilson’s disease curable?

At present there is no cure for Wilson’s disease. However the patient can be managed adequately with number of drugs available and quality of life can also be improved.

What is the long-term outlook of Wilson’s disease?

It depends largely on timely diagnosis and treatment. If the condition is detected early and treated adequately, patients with Wilson’s disease can enjoy normal healthy life and can have normal life span.

How long the treatment needs to be given in Wilson’s disease?

Treatment usually lasts for lifetime. The patient has to take the drugs continuously to stay mobile and healthy.

Is Wilson’s disease hereditary?

Yes Wilson’s disease is hereditary. If one is diagnosed with Wilson’s disease, then he needs to get all of his siblings immediately checked. This will help a great deal in recognizing the disease before its manifestation and hence complications can be prevented.

What is the life expectancy for patient with Wilson’s disease?

With proper drug treatment and good compliance, patient can have normal life span.

The information given here is intended for use of general public . It should not be taken as standard medical reference.

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